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McQueen Racing

(Lead Dev Role)

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MS-DOS Programs

QuickBASIC MS-DOS Portal Still Alive for 8088 and above. Video Preview | STILLALI.EXE (Use Amber Monochrome CRT for best experience)


Misc Homelab

Client Websites

HTML CSS JavaScript PHP McQueen Racing

HTML CSS JavaScript Madison Grove Farm

Personal Websites

HTML CSS JavaScript PHP Hudson K. Green

HTML CSS JavaScript PHP Chat

HTML CSS JavaScript Cydia Repo

HTML CSS JavaScript Enjin Minecraft Website (Defunct)

Personal C++ Projects

C++ OpenGL Graphics Engine

DigiPen Team Games

Zero Engine Relocation

C++ Unnamed C++ Game

Zero Engine The Sparce

DigiPen Projects

C++ Console Application TicTacToe (Allows cursor input and utilizes multiple threads)

C++ Graphics Engine

Java Android Astroids Mobile

HTML CSS JavaScript PHP Website Project

Java Astroids (Desktop)

Zero Engine Cube Warz

JellyCam Stop-Motion Animation A World Without Bacon

Discord Bots

NodeJS LitBot

NodeJS Christian Minecraft Server

Minecraft Mods

Java Corrupt Items Mod (Broken/Outdated)